1 Uco Bank invites applications for recruitment of 1000 Clerks. Last date for online Registration : 02.06.2012. 2 Steel Authority of India Limited, Burnpur invites applications for 507 non-executive posts. Last Date : 21.06.2012. 3 Headquarter Southern Naval Command, Kochi requires 399 Safaiwalas, unskilled Labourers, Fireman Watchman, Mali, Peon etc. Last Date: 21 days after publication 4 Mahanadi Coalfields Limited requires 353 Jr. Overman, Mining Sirdar and Deputy Surveyor. Last Date : 11.06.2012 5 Assam Rifles invites applications for recruitment of 242 Tradesmen. Last Date : 19.06.2012. 6 Bipin Tripathi Kumaon Institute of Technology Dwarahat requires 44 Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors. Last Date: 18.06.2012 7 17 Field Ammunitions Depot C/o 56 APO requires 44 Fireman and Mazdoors. Last Date : 21 days after publication. 8 Border Security Force requires 37 Para-medical Staff. Last Date : 30 days after publication. 9 Mata Sundari College for Women, New Delhi needs 25 Assistant Professors/Lecturers. Last Date : 20.06.2012 10 The Indian Navy invites applications from unmarried male candidate for enrolment as Sailors for Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR)-01/2013 Batch. Last Date : 22.06.2012. ** span>

Bank Probationary Officers Model Paper : Reasoning Ability Test

Bank Probationary Officers Model Paper
Reasoning Ability Test

Directions—(Q. 1–5) For each of the following questions there is some relationship between the two terms to the left of :: and the same relationship obtains between the two terms to its right. In each of these questions the fourth term is missing. This term is one of the alternatives among the five terms given below. Find out this term.

1. ABCD is related to BEGI in the same way as BCDE is related to ... ?





Ans : (B)

2. ABEF is related to BCFG in the same way as GHKL is related to ... ?





Ans : (B)

3. BYCX is related to AZDW in the same way as DWEV is related to ... ?





Ans : (B)

4. 'CIRCLE' is related to 'RICELC' in the same way as 'SQUARE' is related to—





Ans : (A)

5. 'JKLM' is related to 'XYZA' in the same way as 'NOPQ' is related to—





Ans : (D)

Directions—(Q. 6–15) Each of the following questions has four alternative responses. Select the correct response.

6. Which one of the following is same as liver, heart, kidney?

(A) Nose

(B) Blood

(C) Urine

(D) Lung

Ans : (D)

7. Which one of the following is same as uncle, aunt, brother?

(A) Child

(B) Boy

(C) Adult

(D) Nephew

Ans : (D)

8. Which one of the following is same as Jute, Cotton, Wool ?

(A) Nylon

(B) Rayon

(C) Silk

(D) Terylene

Ans : (C)

9. Which one of the following is same as lead, convince, allure?

(A) Direct

(B) Order

(C) Initiate

(D) Fascinate

Ans : (D)

10. Which one of the following is same as flood, fire, cyclone?

(A) Accident

(B) Rain

(C) Earthquake

(D) Damage

Ans : (C)

11. Which one of the following is same as carpenter, plumber, electrician ?

(A) Doctor

(B) Blacksmith

(C) Teacher

(D) Lawyer

Ans : (B)

12. Which one of the following is same as cork, plug, dam ?

(A) Obstruction

(B) Drain

(C) Pipe

(D) Tap

Ans : (A)

13. Which one of the following is same as red, yellow, blue?

(A) Sky

(B) Dark

(C) Green

(D) Bright

Ans : (C)

14. Which one of the following is same as desire, wish, want ?

(A) Pleasant

(B) Feel

(C) Anxiety

(D) Satisfy

Ans : (C)

15. Which one of the following is same as ohm, volt, amp. ?

(A) Light

(B) Metre

(C) Hour

(D) Watt

Ans : (D)

Directions—(Q. 16–20) In each of the sentences given below, there are two questions marks given one in the beginning and the other at the end. To fill up the question marks, there are few alternatives. Choose the correct alternative.

16. ( ? ) is related to Masculine in the same way Woman is related to ?

(A) Disguise, Modest

(B) Capacity, Woman

(C) Man, Feminine

(D) Brave, Mrs.

Ans : (C)

17. ( ? ) is to Sky as Fish is to ?

(A) Blue, Swim

(B) Bird, Water

(C) Open, Hook

(D) Tree, Colour

Ans : (B)

18. ( ? ) is to Uncle as Mother is to ?

(A) Brother, Brought-up

(B) Father, Aunt

(C) Cousin, Beautiful

(D) Aunt, Father

Ans : (D)

19. ( ? ) is to Sri Lanka as Delhi is to ?

(A) Columbo, India

(B) Kathmandu, Capital

(C) India, Paris

(D) Island, Harbour

Ans : (D)

20. ( ? ) is to Ivory as Deer is to ?

(A) White, Hunt

(B) Elephant, Horn

(C) Huge, Rare

(D) Costly, Scarce

Ans : (B)

Directions—From questions 21 to 25 fill the correct pair in place of question marks.

21. Table is to ( ? ) as Cup is to ?

(A) Furniture, Tea

(B) Student, Horse

(C) Wood, Hot

(D) Chair, Plate

Ans : (D)

22. Sugar is to ( ? ) as Mava is to ?

(A) Sweet, Sour

(B) Energy, Machine

(C) Sugarcane, Milk

(D) White, Sweet

Ans : (C)

23. ( ? ) is to Sun as Rain is to ?

(A) Moon, Rainbow

(B) Light, Cloud

(C) Sky, Wet

(D) Day, Night

Ans : (B)

24. ( ? ) is to Brain as Mouth is to ?

(A) Skull, Tongue

(B) Hat, Lips

(C) Hair, Voice

(D) Turban, Saliva

Ans : (A)

25. ( ? ) is to Touch as Ear is to ?

(A) Hand, Know

(B) Experience, Feeling

(C) Skin, Hear

(D) Hair, Dirt

Ans : (C)

Directions—(Q. 26–30) In Column I are listed certain groups of individuals while in Column II are listed some of the characteristics against each group of individuals which are common to each member of that group.

Column I Column II










26. Which individual has all the above characteristics?

(A) J

(B) I

(C) H

(D) M

Ans : (B)

27. Which characteristics are found either in J or in K or in both but in M?

(A) P, Q, T

(B) P, Q, R, S

(C) Q, R, S, T

(D) U, V, T

Ans : (A)

28. Which Characteristics is common to G and H but not in M?

(A) S

(B) B

(C) Q

(D) R

Ans : (C)

29. Which Characteristics are common to H and J but not in K?

(A) P, Q

(B) Q, W

(C) Q, R

(D) R, W

Ans : (B)

30. Which Characteristics is not found either in F or in L or in both?

(A) Q

(B) U

(C) S

(D) V

Ans : (D)

Directions—(Q. 31–35) In each of the following question, three words are given with four alternatives. One of the four alternatives is same as the three words given in beginning. Then find out the correct alternative answer.

31. Which one is the same as Mumbai, Kolkata, Cochin ?

(A) Delhi

(B) Kanpur

(C) Chennai

(D) Sholapur

Ans : (C)

32. Which one is the same as Coal, Ebony and Soot?

(A) Blush

(B) Raven

(C) Ash

(D) Rust

Ans : (C)

33. Which one is the same as Basket, Pail and Pan ?

(A) Knife

(B) Spoon

(C) Fork

(D) Bowl

Ans : (D)

34. Which one is the same as Emancipate, Free and Release?

(A) Ignore

(B) Pardon

(C) Liberate

(D) Quit

Ans : (C)

35. Which one is the same as Daisy, Pansy and Rose?

(A) Bed

(B) Violet

(C) Plant

(D) Red

Ans : (C)

Directions—Find out the correct answer in each of the questions from 36 to 40.

36. Which one is the same as Arid, Parched and Droughty ?

(A) Draft

(B) Cow

(C) Earth

(D) Dry

Ans : (D)

37. Which one is the same as Grandfather, Father and Brother?

(A) Baby

(B) Father-in-law

(C) Son

(D) Son-in-law

Ans : (C)

38. Which one is the same as Yellow, Orange and Green?

(A) Tree

(B) Purple

(C) Grass

(D) Leaf

Ans : (B)

39. Which one is the same as Lungs, Liver and Kidneys?

(A) Heart

(B) Intestines

(C) Testis

(D) Neck

Ans : (A)

40. Which one is the same as Lock, Shut and Fasten?

(A) Window

(B) Door

(C) Block

(D) Iron

Ans : (C)

Directions—(Q. 41–45) In each of the following questions, three words are given. Under them four alternatives are provided, one of which expresses most effectively the general characteristic if these three words. That alternative is your answer.

41. Aeroplane, Train, Truck

(A) Speed

(B) Rooms

(C) Wheels

(D) Transport

Ans : (D)

42. Wolf, Leopard, Deer

(A) Meat eater

(B) Jungles

(C) Mammals

(D) Cruel

Ans : (C)

43. Sword, Gun, Pistol

(A) Arms

(B) Constable

(C) Bullet

(D) War

Ans : (A)

44. Fraud, Jealously, Hatred

(A) Destruction

(B) Envy

(C) Human Characteristics

(D) Quality

Ans : (C)

45. Novel, Epic, Drama

(A) Subject

(B) Literature

(C) Poetry

(D) Knowledge

Ans : (B)

Directions—(Q. 46–50) In each of the following questions, three words are given. They are followed by four words, one of which stands for the class to which these three words belong. Identify that word.

46. Wheat, Barley, Rice

(A) Food

(B) Gram

(C) Cereal

(D) Agriculture

Ans : (C)

47. Coal, Iron, Mica

(A) Rock

(B) Minerals

(C) Gold

(D) Earth

Ans : (B)

48. Honesty, Credibility, Reliability

(A) Quality

(B) Dependability

(C) Charter

(D) Nicety

Ans : (A)

49. Cap, Coat, Trousers

(A) Smart

(B) Shirt

(C) Dress

(D) Tailor

Ans : (C)

50. Stool, Table, Chair

(A) Bench

(B) Furniture

(C) Carpet

(D) Office

Ans : (B)

Directions—(Q. 51–60) For each of the following questions, there are two words and five alternative answers. In each of the alternative answers there are two words. Then find out the alternative whose two words have the same relation as in the two words given in question.

51. Resignation : Office ::

(A) Competition : Game

(B) Illness : Hospital

(C) Abdication : Throne

(D) Moisture : Rain

(E) Appointment : Interview

Ans : (C)

52. Bunch : Key ::

(A) Hound : Pack

(B) Team : Competition

(C) Beehive : Bee

(D) Examination : Subject

(E) Bouquet : Flower

Ans : (E)

53. Profit : Loss ::

(A) Success : Failure

(B) Rupee : Paisa

(C) Whole : Part

(D) Multiplication : Addition

(E) Adult : Child

Ans : (A)

54. Sapling : Tree ::

(A) Horse : Mare

(B) Student: Teacher

(C) Bud : Flower

(D) Tree : Furniture

(E) River : Brook

Ans : (C)

55. Supervisor : Worker ::

(A) Junior : Senior

(B) Superior : Inferior

(C) Elder : Younger

(D) Debtor : Creditor

(E) Officer : Clerk

Ans : (E)

56. Malaria : Mosquito ::

(A) Poison : Death

(B) Rat : Plague

(C) Epidemic : Bacteria

(D) Cholera : Water

(E) Medicine : Disease

Ans : (D)

57. Paisa : Rupee ::

(A) Kilogram : Quintal

(B) Metre : Centimetre

(C) Coin : Money

(D) Weight : Ton

(E) Rupee : Wealth

Ans : (A)

58. Poet : Verse ::

(A) Prose : Novelist

(B) Author : Book

(C) Novel : Prose

(D) Publication : Editor

(E) Summary : Paraphrase

Ans : (B)

59. Water : Thirst ::

(A) Food : Hunger

(B) Sun : Energy

(C) Appetite : Meal

(D) Ice-cream : Cold

(E) Poison : Death

Ans : (A)

60. Pulp : Paper ::

(A) Wood : Table

(B) Cloth : Shirt

(C) Yarn : Fabric

(D) Iron : Steel

(E) Wood : Sawdust

Ans : (C)

Directions—(Q. 61–70) For each of the following questions, there are two words and eight alternative answers. Then find out two such alternatives the relation in which is the same as in the two words given in the beginning.

61. Trees and Forest

(A) Ocean (B) Page

(C) Books (D) Study

(E) Library (F) Ship

(G) Boys (H) Classes

Ans : (C, E)

62. Constable and Police

(A) Clerk (B) Hospital

(C) Medicine (D) Mother

(E) Girl (F) Doctor

(G) File (H) House

Ans : (B, F)

63. Brother-in-law and Sister

(A) I (B) Youth

(C) Female-companion (D) Wife

(E) My (F) Beautiful Woman

(G) Damsel (H) Sister-in-law

Ans : (B, G)

64. Cold and Hot

(A) January (B) Monday

(C) Year (D) June

(E) March (F) Thursday

(G) Month (H) August

Ans : (A, D)

65. High and Low

(A) Far (B) Rent

(C) Next (D) Near

(E) Distance (F) Fair

(G) Last (H) Clean

Ans : (A, D)

66. Unsuccess and Laziness

(A) Study (B) Success

(C) Day (D) School

(E) Labour (F) Lazy

(G) Game (H) Honesty

Ans : (E, B)

67. Car and Garage

(A) Horse (B) Grass

(C) Bird (D) Water

(E) Man (F) Stable

(G) Animal (H) Hive

Ans : (A, F)

68. Hand and Fingers

(A) Foot (B) Eyes

(C) Hat (D) Teeth

(E) Head (F) Stomach

(G) Nose (H) Hair

Ans : (E, H)

69. Oxygen and Man

(A) Petrol (B) Stool

(C) Carpenter (D) Sky

(E) Driver (F) Wood

(G) Water (H) Fish

Ans : (G, H)

70. Neat and Clean

(A) Dirty (B) Tidy

(C) Route (D) White

(E) Wise (F) Ravi

(G) Foul (H) Beauty

Ans : (A, G)

Directions—(Q.71–75) In each of the following two columns, the groups of three words are given. Compare two columns and find the pairs given below each question, which satisfy the same relationship between the two groups of that pair.

Column I

(A) Cereal, Wheat, Tomato

(B) Seeds, Apple, Fruit

(C) Mother, Sister, Female

(D) Teacher, Writer, Speaker

(E) Stool, Furniture, Table

Column II

(P) Apple, Banana, Fruit

(Q) Wheat, Barley, Cereals

(R) Doctor, Painter, Father

(S) Cow, Mammal, Animal

(I) Soldier, Army, Civilian

71. (A) BP

(B) AQ

(C) CR

(D) EP

Ans : (D)

72. (A) BR

(B) AT

(C) CS

(D) DP

Ans : (C)

73. (A) DR

(B) BR

(C) ET

(D) CS

Ans : (A)

74. (A) BS

(B) AT

(C) AQ

(D) DQ

Ans : (B)

75. (A) CR

(B) EQ

(C) BQ

(D) DS

Ans : (B)


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