1 Uco Bank invites applications for recruitment of 1000 Clerks. Last date for online Registration : 02.06.2012. 2 Steel Authority of India Limited, Burnpur invites applications for 507 non-executive posts. Last Date : 21.06.2012. 3 Headquarter Southern Naval Command, Kochi requires 399 Safaiwalas, unskilled Labourers, Fireman Watchman, Mali, Peon etc. Last Date: 21 days after publication 4 Mahanadi Coalfields Limited requires 353 Jr. Overman, Mining Sirdar and Deputy Surveyor. Last Date : 11.06.2012 5 Assam Rifles invites applications for recruitment of 242 Tradesmen. Last Date : 19.06.2012. 6 Bipin Tripathi Kumaon Institute of Technology Dwarahat requires 44 Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors. Last Date: 18.06.2012 7 17 Field Ammunitions Depot C/o 56 APO requires 44 Fireman and Mazdoors. Last Date : 21 days after publication. 8 Border Security Force requires 37 Para-medical Staff. Last Date : 30 days after publication. 9 Mata Sundari College for Women, New Delhi needs 25 Assistant Professors/Lecturers. Last Date : 20.06.2012 10 The Indian Navy invites applications from unmarried male candidate for enrolment as Sailors for Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR)-01/2013 Batch. Last Date : 22.06.2012. ** span>

Bank probationary officer exam General Awareness

Bank probationary officer exam General Awareness

1. Who is the thefirst prime minister of theFederal DemocraticRepublic of Nepal?

(a) Girija Prasad Koirala

(b) Ishwar Pokhrel

(c Pushpa Kumar Dahal Prachand

(d) Sher Bahadur Deoba

2. Samuel Beckett wrote -

(a) Volpone

(b) Mother Courage and Her Children

(c) A Doll’s House

(d) Endgame

3. Which one of the following author-book pairs is correctly matched?

(a) Elfride Jelinek – The Pianist

(b) J.M. Coetzee- Shame

(c) Saul Bellow – Herzog

(d) Salman Rushdie – Disgrace

4. The Plough and the ‘Stars’ was written by -

(a) G.B. Shaw (b) Sean O’Casey

(c) Lady Gregory

(d) J.M. Synge

5. Willy Loman is a character in-

(a) Waiting for Godot

(b) A Doll’s House

(c) The Cherry Orchard

(d) The Death of a Salesman

6. John Evellyn and Samuel Pepys were the famous writers of -

(a) Editorials

(b) Letters

(c) Essays

(d) Diaries

7. The subtitle of Dryden’s Absalom and Achitophel is -

(a) There was no subtitle

(b) A Poem

(c) A Satire

(d) A satire on the True Blue Protestant Poets

8. Who of the following is not a periodical essayist?

(a) Richard Steele

(b) Lancelot Andrews

(c) Joseph Addison

(d) Jonathan Swift

9. “Did he who made the Lamb made thee” appears in-

(a) ‘Introduction’

(b) ‘ The Tyger’

(c) ‘Chimney Sweeper’

(d) ‘London’

10. Which of the following thinker- concept pairs is rightly matched?

(a) I.A. Richards – Archetypal criticism

(b) Northrop Frye-Practical criticism

(c) Jacqes Devide – New Historicism

(d) Stanley Fish – Reader Response

11. “Essays of Eila” are-

(a) Economic disparity

(b) Literary criticism

(c) Political ideology

(d) Personal impressions

12. Which of the following thinker – concept pairs is rightly matched?

(a) Mamata – Vakrokti (b) Abhinava Gupta- Kavya Alankar

(c) Bharata – Natya Shastra (d) Vaman – Dhwanyaloka

13. Choose the correct sequence of the following schools of criticism -

(a) Deconstruction, New Criticism, Structuralism, Reader Response

(b) Reader Response, Deconstruction, Structuralism, New Criticism

(c) New Criticism, Structuralism, Deconstruction, Reader Response

(d) Structuralism, New Criticism, Deconstruction, Reader Response

14. ‘Peripeteia’ means -

(a) Tragic flaw

(b) Recognition of error

(c) Purgation of emotion

(d) Reversal of fortune

15. ‘Gynocriticism’ focuses on -

(a) Criticism of male writers by women writers

(b) Criticism on women

(c) Criticism by women

(d) Women as writers

16. Samuel Butler’s Hudibras is modeled upon -

(a) Don Quixote

(b) Endymion

(c) Annus Mirabilis

(d) Pilgrim’s Progress

17. Who was the last of the Christian Humanists?

(a) John Bunyan

(b) Oliver Cromwell

(c) John Milton

(d) Richard Crashaw

18. The narrative of Raja Rao’s Kanthapura is based on-

(a) The Ramayana

(b) The Mahabharata

(c) Puranas

(d) Shastras

19. Which of the following author- book pairs is correctly matched?

(a) Arundhati Roy Algebra of Infinite Justice

(b) Shashi Tharoor - Trotter’s Name

(c) C.L.R. James- The English Patient

(d) David Madouf- The Cityof Djins

20. Who wrote ‘A tiger does not proclaim its tigretude’ ?

(a) Derek Walcott

(b) Soyinka

(c) Achebe

(d) Ngugi

21. ‘Jindiworobak’ movement relates to -

(a) Caribbean literature

(b) Canadian literature

(c) Australian literature

(d) New Zealand literature

22. The Montreal group of poets championed the cause of-

(a) Modernist poetry

(b) Imagist poetry

(c) Symbolist poetry

(d) Nature poetry

23. The figure of the ‘Abyssinian Maid’ appears in-

(a) ‘Kubla Khan’

(b) ‘Frost at Midnight’

(c) ‘Dejection : an Ode’

(d) ‘Christabel’

24. Coleridge’s statement that imagination “dissolves, diffuse, dissipates in order to recreate” relates to -

(a) secondary imagination

(b) esemplastic imagination

(c) fancy

(d) primary imagination

25. Who among the following is the acting President of Pakistan ?

(a) Parvez Musharraf

(b) Mohammedmian Soomro

(c) Ashif Zardari

(d) Nawaz Sharif


1. (c) 2. (d) 3. (c) 4. (b) 5. (d)

6. (d) 7. (b) 8. (d) 9. (c) 10. (d)

11. (d) 12. (c) 13. (b) 14. (d) 15. (d)

16. (a) 17. (a) 18. (c) 19. (a) 20. (c)

21. (a) 22. (a) 23. (a) 24. (d) 25. (b)


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