1 Uco Bank invites applications for recruitment of 1000 Clerks. Last date for online Registration : 02.06.2012. 2 Steel Authority of India Limited, Burnpur invites applications for 507 non-executive posts. Last Date : 21.06.2012. 3 Headquarter Southern Naval Command, Kochi requires 399 Safaiwalas, unskilled Labourers, Fireman Watchman, Mali, Peon etc. Last Date: 21 days after publication 4 Mahanadi Coalfields Limited requires 353 Jr. Overman, Mining Sirdar and Deputy Surveyor. Last Date : 11.06.2012 5 Assam Rifles invites applications for recruitment of 242 Tradesmen. Last Date : 19.06.2012. 6 Bipin Tripathi Kumaon Institute of Technology Dwarahat requires 44 Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors. Last Date: 18.06.2012 7 17 Field Ammunitions Depot C/o 56 APO requires 44 Fireman and Mazdoors. Last Date : 21 days after publication. 8 Border Security Force requires 37 Para-medical Staff. Last Date : 30 days after publication. 9 Mata Sundari College for Women, New Delhi needs 25 Assistant Professors/Lecturers. Last Date : 20.06.2012 10 The Indian Navy invites applications from unmarried male candidate for enrolment as Sailors for Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR)-01/2013 Batch. Last Date : 22.06.2012. ** span>

Expected Questions For Forthcomming Exam : Bank PO,MBA, CAT, SSC

Expected Questions For Forthcomming Exam


1. Who has been selected for the Maharashtra Govt’s Lata Mangeshkar Award for the year 2008 ?

(a) Nitin Mukesh

(b) Alka Yaganik

(c) Mahendra Kapoor

(d) Kumar Sanu

Ans: (c)

2. Indian Government has planned to achieve ……… agriculture growth by the end of 11th Five year Plan is will be _

(a) 8%

(b) 4%

(c) 6%

(d) 2%

Ans: (b)

3. Which of the following Indian companies sailed past Rs. 4 lakh crore mark in terms of market capitalization ?

(a) Infosys

(b) ONGC

(c) Wipro

(d) RIL

Ans: (d)

4. Which city will be host the Olympic Games in 2012 ?

(a) London

(b) New York

(c) Beijing

(d) Sydney

Ans: (a)

5. GAP is an international brand of _

(a) garment

(b) food-chain

(c) sports goods

(d) IT

Ans: (a)

6. Deepak Parekh is associated with which bank ?



(c) HDFC

(d) SBI

Ans: (c)

7. Who holds the world record for maximum wicket-keeping dismissals in Test Cricket ?

(a) Mark Boucher

(b) Kumar Sangakkara

(c) Adam Gilchrist

(d) MS Dhoni

Ans: (c)

8. ‘More, for you’ is a retail chain launched by _

(a) Reliance Group

(b) Modi Group

(c) Aditya Birla Group

(d) Tata Group

Ans: (c)

9. Sunita Williams, renowned astronaut of Indian origin, spent a record …… days in space.

(a) 195

(b) 185

(c) 200

(d) 201

Ans: (a)

10. ‘Bullion’ refers to gold, silver or other precious metals in the form of _

(a) Ingots or bars only

(b) Bars as well as coins

(c) Coins only

(d) Jewellery

Ans: (b)

11. Korba is famous for

(a) Fertiliser plant

(b) Aluminium plant

(c) Steel plant

(d) Textile plant

Ans: (b)

12. Which one of the following states has the highest population density ?

(a) West Bengal

(b) Bihar

(c) UP

(d) Kerala

Ans: (a)

13. John Players is an apparel brand launched by which company ?

(a) UB Group

(b) ITC Ltd,

(c) Jindal Group

(d) Select Group

Ans: (b)

14. The largest employer in the world is

(a) Indian Railways

(b) Reliance Industries

(c) General Motors

(d) State Bank of India

Ans: (a)

15. What does “R” in Maruti Suzuki’s small car WagonR stand for ?

(a) Responsible

(b) Remarkable

(c) Reliable

(d) Recreation

Ans: (d)

16. Which of the following types of nutrition is absent in fungi ?

(a) Saprophytism

(b) Symbiosis

(c) parasitism

(d) Autotrophism

Ans: (d)

17. Why was Bobby Fischer in the news recently ?

(a) passed away at the age of 64 on January 18, 2008

(b) the first man to scale Mount Everest

(c) he is an eminent Indian yoga guru and preacher of oriental philosophy

(d) None of these

Ans: (a)

18. Why was Edmund Hillary in the news recently ?

(a) passed away at the age of 88 on January 11, 2008

(b) received Padma Vibhushan 2008 award

(c) he is an eminent Indian yoga guru and preacher of oriental philosophy

(d) None of these

Ans: (a)

19. ………… was elected as the Chairperson of the US-India Business Council (USIBC) on January 23, 2008.

(a) Indra Nooyi

(b) Ratan Tata

(c) NR Narayana Murthy

(d) JJ Singh

Ans: (a)

20. ………. Attended the Republic Day celebrations 2008 in New Delhi as the Chief Guests

(a) Nicolas Sarkozy

(b) Boris Tadic

(c) Gordon Brown

(d) Samak Sundaravej

Ans: (a)

21. Booker Prize is awarded in the field of

(a) Science

(b) Social Service

(c) Medicine

(d) Literature

Ans: (d)

22. Of the following, whose ideas had influenced Gandhiji ?

(a) Karl Marx

(b) Tolstoy

(c) Lenin

(d) None of these

Ans: (b)

23. The non-permanent members of the Security Council serve for

(a) one year

(b) two years

(c) three years

(d) four years

Ans: (b)

24. Which of the following is a land-locked country

(a) Brazil

(b) Sudan

(c) Egypt

(d) Afghanistan

Ans: (d)

25. Which of the following is not a capital city

(a) Ankara

(b) Bonn

(c) Canberra

(d) New york

Ans: (d)

26. The language spoken by the largest number of people next to Hindi in the Indian subcontinent is

(a) tamil

(b) Telugu

(c) Bengali

(d) Marathi

Ans: (c)

27. Paul Newman was associated with which of the following fields ?

(a) Actor

(b) Scientist

(c) Social Activist

(d) Politician

Ans: (a)

28. Who has been awarded for ICC Cricketer of the year (Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy) for the year 2007-08 in the month of September 2008 ?

(a) Shiv Narayan Chandra Paul

(b) Sachin Tendulkar

(c) Ricky Ponting

(d) Mahela Jayawardhane

Ans: (a)


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